about paws & claws

I want you to know that paws & claws is committed to customer satisfaction in all its projects! I work closely with all my clients, encouraging them to discuss poses, desired backgrounds, and sizing of portraits, in order to produce the best possible outcome.

Most painting is done via emailed images or snailmailed photos, but if you are local, I would certainly enjoy meeting with you in person. I run a home based studio in Whitesboro, NY. Please feel free to contact me.

Although depending on previous commissions and current projects, most works are completed within 3 or 4 weeks of my receipt of image.

I am fully commited to quality, and only high quality materials are used in my work!

  • paper - 140lb Arches grade watercolor paper made from cotton rag
  • All paints and inks are professional grade only, primarily Winsor Newton

about criscreates

  • as an artist
  • as a teacher
  • as a survivor

Although as long as I can remember I have loved art, I began my formal studies in 2003 at Fletcher Farms - an art/craft community in Vermont. Since that time, I have studied at Munson Williams Proctor Institute of Pratt, Kirkland Art Center, and Rome Art Community Center. I have studied water, pen/ink, portrait creation, and most recently, a fascinating course in Chinese painting techniques with Lian Zhen at the Omega Institute in Reinbeck NY.

I am constantly striving to learn new techniques and to improve my present techniques and skills. My art is an expression of my love and passion for nature and animals. I hope that each of my paintings reflects this aspect of me as an artist.

I have allowed my two loves: animals and art, to evolve into paws & claws.

Prior to my life as a fulltime artist and creator, my days were spent in a satisfying way as a teacher of Early Childhood Education in a Career Technical School in New Hartford, NY.

This involved teaching both ends of the age spectrum - preschoolers and teenage females. As you might imagine, this was both challenging and rewarding, and there were certainly some moments to laugh and cry at, but there is not one that I would like to forget, and I can honestly say that I loved every minute of my thirty years teaching, and don't look back with regret.

And now that I face retirement, I find myself looking forward with as much enthusiasm as I look back with satisfaction, because I get to realize my other dream.

Now, we all have that 'when I retire I want to...' - and mine was to learn to paint watercolors and to travel. Both of these have become reality for me.

I am grateful for both.

As a two time survivor of breast cancer, I am blessed and grateful and that is how I live my life. Every time I open my eyes in the morning I realize once again that I have another opportunity to enjoy life and to create something. Because for me that is what each day is: another opportunity to create something that wasn't there before, something beautiful and new and an opportunity to get the most out of each and ever day.

Each day I take some time - whether it be 10 minutes or 10 hours - to paint, to sew, to knit, or just to create a nutritious meal for some of the great company that fills up my life.

This is what criscreates is all about.