welcome to paws & claws!

Here we are all about cats and dogs! We love them, and more than anything else, we love to paint them!

Photos are fine and dandy, but art is special and intimate, and nothing will capture the beauties and charms of your pet like a customized portrait.

A painting should do much more than a photo; it should capture and convey the personality and character of your pet in that elusive and magical way that photos just cannot.

So allow me the opportunity to work with you, and I will leave you and your family with a treasured heirloom that will warm all of your hearts for years to come!

Thank you for visiting my site! I hope you enjoy it!


this is what I do!


pen and inks


mixed medias

Although here at paws & claws I specialize primarily in pet portraits, I am by no means limited to them. I also paint landscapes, people, and nearly anything else you can think of.

I also do a whole lot of fiber and textile arts, and I make custom clothing with many of my most intricate designs upon them.

fiber arts


greeting cards

So whether you are in the market for some customized greeting cards, a new and snazzy outfit, a special quilt, or some pillows with a matching set set of curtains, chances are you have come to the right place.

In fact, there probably isn't much that you can think of that I cannot create.

So since you are here, take a well spent moment and view my portfolio, and see just what I can create for you!